Donnerstag, 22. September 2011

Wednesday ride of my club-fare you well, Merlin!

 On wednesday my club, Zee Aylienz traditionally starts its ride there are always several rides on offer: beginners, rookies, and amateur levels. I made a fourth by ignoring all of them and starting a technical training I dismissed for years again in the Felsengarten, a rock garden park, where, with the (inofficial) permit of the owner, we  are allowed to toodle around a bit:-). This is a sculpture I would not keep you from seeing, an icon of my hometown.
 And this is an icon of a weird person.*ggg* Bastian dropped by to have some fun. No beginner at all, but a great dude to have around*ggg*.
 Acting the easy rider. The jersey, by the way is a collaborate design of jandark and myself*ggg* bit funny to have 100 people now wearing something I scribbled on a handkerchief being not quite so sober and professional...*ggg*.
 Highlight of the evening*ggg* after the ride we traditionally meet at a  local alternative café, the Kultopia, to have some fruit juice and milk with honey*ggg* and a delicious homemade grilled burger with all the décor*ggg* yumyummyummyumm. daniel and Jandark looking a bit SNAFU:-) after riding hard...*ggg*
 Dennis and Bastian, two persons as different as one could possibly be. Dennis is a hardcore racer, doing crosscountry circuit races, and bastian is a very laid-back stunt and singletrack rider, smoking like and old chimney and drinking altogether too much beer and booze*ggg. Just kidding, he is quite sensible, but different, too.
And this is Merlin, a guy I feel privileged to have encountered. An all - out worldcup extreme endurance events racer (3rd at the 24 hour-race worldcup in Adelaide 2010), but laid - back and friendly with no allures at all. he´s always smiling and has a very calm and simple air of nicety around him that gives everybody around, even the moron training champions of our lot, simply a good feeling. He has lived in Germany now for seven months. we did not meet often, but it was fun to ride with him, and good to talk to him. In 2012 he will return to Germany to take up studies over her, and we all look forward to welcoming him again.
Don´t know why this vid ended up in this place, but here it is. Me hopping a rock. And looking the goof at it*g.

Bastian being embarrassed by me*ggg*. And riding the pool...

It was simply great to have those good-natured folk around, having some great food and a beer or two, and simply relishing in one of the last warm evenings of the year.

We said farewell to our first Australian member in one of the best ways we could think of.

I enjoyed this very much, and I am right grateful for that, for this has not been the case with me for several years.

And I know whom to thank:-).

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