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Donnerstag, 15. September 2011

Quince candy - done!

My quince candy is ready to eat... just sprinkled it with some more sugar and flipped it over two times a day.

And half of it is already gone... hoggish....hog?*g that I am...:-)


  1. This looks darn yummy :D
    This year our quince tree in the garden bears fruit for the first time (actually we planted it the year before, so this is quite fast, harping in the sun seems to serve as a great fertilizer)
    This would be a good purpose for those first quinces!

  2. It is damn yummy! And I have a huge bag of quince still sitting in the war zone that is my cave, erm whatsitcalled, shed, erm,... flat?*ggg* And no time at the moment to prepare them:-(, hope they will keep a bit longer!


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