Donnerstag, 8. September 2011

Apfelapfelapfelapfelapfelapfel;-) Apple compote

So, I have apples everywhere, in my rucksacks, in my pockets, in my rooms, I even found one in the bathroom.... it´s getting some kind of obsession*g. So I thought I´d do something useful with them:

500 g apples
200 g refined or pectinous sugar (if you want it like  jelly)
one handful of raisins
4 cl rum
2 scrolls cinnamon
1 teaspoon cardomom, coarsely ground
1 knifetip black pepper
1 teaspoon cloves

Peel the fruit. Keep the peels for jam and jelly. Cook the apples with sugar, a bit of water and 2 cl (one shot) of rum, until they are soft to your liking. Add the spices and the raisins. Heat to above 75 degrees Celsius and fill into sterile jar. Add the rum. Screw on lid ;-), I have forgotten that once, no kidding;-).Turn upside-down. Take a large cooking pot, boil water in it. Turn down the temperature, and set jar into it upside down. Let it cool in the water.

I just used cellophane between the lid and the jar, for I have eaten it up already, and I knew that;-)

Enjoy.;-)And get rid of those little critters!*g

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