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Donnerstag, 8. September 2011

Apfelapfelapfelapfelapfelapfel;-) Apple compote

So, I have apples everywhere, in my rucksacks, in my pockets, in my rooms, I even found one in the bathroom.... it´s getting some kind of obsession*g. So I thought I´d do something useful with them:

500 g apples
200 g refined or pectinous sugar (if you want it like  jelly)
one handful of raisins
4 cl rum
2 scrolls cinnamon
1 teaspoon cardomom, coarsely ground
1 knifetip black pepper
1 teaspoon cloves

Peel the fruit. Keep the peels for jam and jelly. Cook the apples with sugar, a bit of water and 2 cl (one shot) of rum, until they are soft to your liking. Add the spices and the raisins. Heat to above 75 degrees Celsius and fill into sterile jar. Add the rum. Screw on lid ;-), I have forgotten that once, no kidding;-).Turn upside-down. Take a large cooking pot, boil water in it. Turn down the temperature, and set jar into it upside down. Let it cool in the water.

I just used cellophane between the lid and the jar, for I have eaten it up already, and I knew that;-)

Enjoy.;-)And get rid of those little critters!*g


  1. yummy :D Seems to be a really good year for apples...apfelapfelapfelapfelapfelapfelapfelapfel *spam* haha, now it's my turn in spamming *g*
    My Mum always looks at me with wide eyes as I yell through the kitchen 'noooooooo, don't throw those peels awaaay!' I like to use them in tea mixtures. And now she also does from time to time *ggg*
    Tonight I'll drink a pint of cider to all those...apples *g* while listening to my fav Irishman's voice
    Well then, let's apfelapfelapfel on ;)

  2. hi there folks,
    first i apologize for my english being not so nice an poetical flavoured as Yours is, thou I often read NERD instructions on programming in html and setting up thing with casscading style sheets...
    but the apples this year are fine. it was warm during the flolwering time of the trees, and got very rainy afterwards, perfect conditions for growing fruits.
    so the appletree in my garden thati planted myself about 20 years ago with my father got so hasapples, that during a storm a branch broke, and i had to climb up an cut it off...
    why i am teling You this, because this year i could not see apple compote or plain juice anymore, i had to go for something new, soething different, Cidre, or Äppelwoi, as it is called in Hessen...
    i ordered some Gährröhrchen, sulfurized acid (its not H2SO4 it´s S03 solved in water (Schwäflige Säure...), some kaliumpyrosulfit, plugs, special yeast, and a (dope) scales for measuring the kaliumpyrosulfit as you only need 0,01g per litre...
    after a lot of work and cutting a lot of apples with a nice Fallkniven knife (and a lot of tiny animals by accident, yuk....) i have right now 5 farting 3 litre bottles in the dining-room.
    as my appple juice is very soure i added a 100 grams of sugar per litre, this is adulterating, but i do not want so sell the wine and it will have more alcohol afterwards...
    in 4-5 months it will be ready. we can meet here and have a taste of it...

  3. @my favourite spamwoman*ggg*: I herewith grant you the exclusive permission to spam any post you can think of with comments of the former content or any such like, provided no laws of the Republic of Germany, or any other country are broken and my nerves are left intact... in fact, I am fast becoming a drui-spam-junkie*ggggggggg*.
    It´s terrifying what some people throw away...;-) you can also make some fine schnapps (SCHNAAAAAAAPPPPSSSS...FFFFFLLLLAAAAIIISSSCCCHH!!!!*g) from them. Since they contain a lot of pectine, they are great as a whatsitnow, a, yes, gelling agent if you run out of pectinous sugar.

    Oi, cheers, moon virgin;-), and may the poetic property of the apple be with you (just half kidding;-)). Ah, und was ich noch sagen wollte:


    @jandark: Hi there, great to have you around in comments like that*g... GORR want come cidre. GORR will trade cavewoman he found lying in bush for apple juice. Maybe Og and Ug come too, then jandark have cavewoman and Og and Ug and no apple juice*g.

    I´d like to hear those farting bottles*gnhihihi.

    If you want, write an article (complete with photos), email me and I´ll publish it here with a reference to you... or maybe start a blog yourself???*g

    Ebblewoi, *höhö, but I must warn you, I WILL not that ethnic minorities are discriminated on this blog*ggg, we have some of those nearby*ggg.

    And if you need some zip-ties to close your pant legs, just let me know, I´ve got some to spare;-)...
    What ever became of those tiny little creatures living in those aapples? I got some in my wall. They have a colony there*g. Funny. And rich with proteine...

  4. Ok, I'll print this permission and establish Drui-Spam™ ;)
    And this FFFFFFLLLLAAAAAIIIIISCH makes my stomach roar right, off to hunt something in, not woods this time, in the fridge.

    And when collecting cavewomen from bushes, make first sure they're no druids who carried too much weight and tumbled over, they are to be confused with each other easily ;)

  5. If I ever find druids in the bushes, I´ll take them home to douse them with unlikely compliments whenever I feel inclined to *ggg. Cavewoman is for trading, druids are not. 8-) Or was that is? *ggg

    Anyway, first I´ll take that weight home for myself anyway, I have a weakness for apfeapfelapfelapfel and other fruit and herbs...*gggggggggggggggggggggggg


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