Mittwoch, 21. September 2011

71. Flea market in Schwelm on 09th of October

 On 9th of October it will be mayhem over Schwelm again:-). Roundabout up to 70 000 visitors will stroll the aisles. I will work there for my employer, but if I´ll find a bit of time, chance is, there will be some feature on this blog about all the goodies I got there myself. Look forward to Khalil´s booth again, for he always has some great, slightly rotten stuff I covet. Old files and chisels galore, antler material falsely referred to as trophies:-), antiquities, and a load of good food to relish in. And if the sun´s out, the bazaar atmosphere will be even better. Now, you see, I MUST write this (got my meagre salary:-) or was that celary?*ggg by doing so), but it´s a great market I also visited before I worked here.
Many of my flea market finds I featured in my blog I found here. There are people from the Netherlands, Belgium, France and even the neighbouring towns*ggg* attending and visiting the fair, which will take place in the entire city. There will be an art expo in the periphery of the market, shops will be open on Sunday, and, here comes the real clincher, I will be there, too, wearing a funny jacket and being yelled at for my incompetence*ggg*.

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