Dienstag, 6. September 2011

Sore back again... ;-)-Quince, rowan, and subterranean powers

So, this is a post I have reworked. :-) .
But as it was, I set out for foraging on Monday, weather looked okay, albeit a bit like autumn... or is autumn already here? I came across a quince bush (cydonia oblonga, in German: Quitte). Quince are one of my many favs. You can make jelly from them, jam, tea, and a very delicious candy.

Still more rowan berries. May sound a bit weird, but I stood there for at least a quarter of an hour watching the wind moving them, and I found it so beautiuful I made a little video from that. It was simply so poetic, the burning red moved by the wind and the tide with the leaves already withering. Burning colour screaming out life into the face of old man winter... autumn will come soon (or is it there yet?) and I felt it, too. It is a tiny change in the song of of the birds, in the feeling of the earth underneath your feet, in the wind, and the light, obviously, because the sun is sinking. Winter is not to be feared, for that is the way of life. I wonder, if age will feel the same as autumn, and ever so gently I feel it coming into my life, too. Do not get me wrong, I love to dance and sing and scream my colour into the face of winter, and yet, I am not to win this fight in the long run.

Rose hips are there, too.
Got some blueberry leaves for tea...
Autumn. I love these flaming colours of the Indian summer, of the vibrant time of year when nature dresses up in her best, and golden light is enchanting every clearing. When mists are dancing in the twilight or the sun, when there is the impression on the wanderer that every path involves a feast... or a hunt.
Towards the cliffs...
A view of the lake....
I can do fairy tricks, too;-)...

(Komplimentsuchzentralengewinnspiel! oder wie war das noch*g)
I had a look at the birch I tapped in spring to have a look if she´s;-) alright... and it is.
Cuppa tea at my favourite resting place.
Looking down into the dale... no blue - tits;-) this time, just peace and solitude and a very agreeable dream in my mind and heart. Stump-sitting at its best.
More fairy gold... can you spot them?
These are the ants... my only friends, the ants;-), small ones, that is, from the red variety.

Funny leaves for a birch...
And those strange and exciting dwarves are ´shrooming. This is a little boletus that stood there all alone with no flies or maggots for companionship, and was looking so sad, I had to take it with me. Did not turn out the way it expected, our relationship, it seems, for I suspect something with frying oil, some bacon and onions was not its idea of a romantic rendezvous....*g  Kidding aside, I am always amazed at the fact, that those little beings are but a tiny part of the whole, and the real life of them is happening... underground. The fruit, if you can call them that, are just passing phenomena. The mycelium reaches far down and further, with greedy tendrils, strangling and struggling and surviving the darkness... I´ll spare you the Jungian rant.... but I need a bit of distinguishing unique selling proposition after all*g. Crazy witches thinking my thoughts, and dreaming my dreams and other unlikely tales have brought me ever so far*ggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggg.

Nice summer.....BLANKET!!!! for this one.
UFO sighting....;-)
There´s a newt in there, no, really, it is....;-)
Some spruce resin, and I SIMPLY LIKE THE SMELL...*g

Common yarrow (alchemilla millefolia, in German: Schafgarbe). Took some home for tea.
The road went ever on and on, and this time it was getting strenuous with some 10 kg of quince, 5 kg apples, 2 kg herbs and rowan berries plus ca. 20 kg of gear on my back. Had to do several rests, but no harm done, I had all day.
Ladie´s mantle. Also for tea and as a medicinal.
In blossom...
Sour dock (rumus acetosa, in German: Sauerampfer). Good for salad and soup and with a blood-cleaning effect. I like the slightly sour, refreshing taste. Was so hoggish I ate my entire loot again...*g Then I walked on and found this clearing, where the wild pigs apparently had good fun turning everything upside-down... Below you can see part of my load.... I can tell you, I could sleep well that night again!

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