Donnerstag, 22. September 2011

3rd "Tag der RegionEN" in Schwelm:wildflowers going wild in Schwelm:-)

On 25th September the 3rd fair at the Martfeld castle in Schwelm is hold. There will be smiths, gold smiths, falconers, wildstock, dog obedience demos. There will be canoe rides on the pond of the stronghold, and the obligatory culinary adventures, including "bushcraft" cuisine. Many hunters, beeskepers, outdoorsmen, bushcrafters, farmers and conoisseurs will be present and having a ball again. My employer will be present with a booth where wildflower seed packs will be sold at a bargain price. Those wildflower seeds are currently all the rage in Schwelm, where the city department sowed them on formerly triste pieces of grass in the parks. It is a sight to behold those vivid colours of poppy, dandelion, calendula, marguerites, and chamomile in blossom. Though some certain acquaintance of yours, my dear readers*ggg*, might not be so innocent for the promotion of this project as it may seem at first glance*ggg*, it´s a great thing either way*g. You can even get them for a price of 1,50€ from the GSWS (100g, enough for a large patch). Phone for it to get one or hundred*ggg*: +49 02336 860370. Please note, that it´s not me selling them*ggg*.

The seeds:-).

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