Dienstag, 19. Juli 2016

A crossover design... for a Puukko

 This is something I have in the works at the moment with some thoughts on knife design. The lecture on Puukko design by Anssi Ruusuvuori had my mind racing, and having looked at some modern Puukko designs I find they bear a striking resemblance to Japanese Tanto or Aikuchi designs.

These characteristics are mainly the simple handle and the diamond shape of the blade. Differences include the lack of a Habaki and the rarely upswept point of the blade with Puukko designs.

I forged the blade from some Wootz steel I found in the woods... 110mmx5-2mm blade, selective temper, for technical data.
The grind is "hon zukuri", convex to zero, not that clean, to be quite honest, but I lack experience with a belt grinder. Next time I´ll stick to my trusty files! :-)

For the handle I adapted a shape from the Novgorod knife finds with an octagonal shape from bog oak. This has quite an interesting history. A loose acquaintance of mine and the magic troll´s we meet at re-enactment fairs from time to time had the wood for cheap. The corporation he worked for was being restored, and under the foundations of the building they found an old house from medieval times. The wood was conserved in the soil and was salvaged by him-he had made entire stools from bog oak!

The design is a bit dark to my liking, so I guess I´ll do some fittings from silver or bronze for´t. As is, it´s really sharp and well - balanced.


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