Donnerstag, 24. Mai 2018

New privacy laws-under construction

This blog is currently under construction. I sstrongly advise you not to use it at all. The use of anything internet is potentially dangerous and can lead to all your private data being spied out. This blog is - not by my intent, of course - not an exception. New privacy laws in Europe have made private blogging neigh on impossible.  I am seeking legal advice upon that, but there is a realistic chance that I will delete this blog and all accounts interactive. I can simply not afford it any. Sorry, folks.

On a side note, making use of my still existent right to have a free opinion, it simply is not wanted by the authorities to socialize people worldwide. Peace or even communication will soon be at the hands of some few and the military.

But there´s a chance in it all: Go out, meet real people. Use your phone or letters again. Pull the plug on insanity.  Might be this blog can continue. But then, it will be updated less frequently. I do not have the time for this any more.

In the meantime, yes, I am also on facebook: Fimbul Myrk. I try to put some contents there. Privacy laws seem not to be such an issue there...

I regret this all and am in a very foul mood.

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