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Mittwoch, 13. April 2011

My Hadseax- Done!

Now, this is my new Hadseax. Blade is Zwissler seven-bar damascus from tank bearing, tank cannon and stuff;-), some 95 mm long, the spine is 3,8 mm thick. The blade is edge-quenched  and tempered to only 59 degrees Rockwell. Bevel is convex. The fullers are ground freehand with a Black&Decker power file. The handle is stag antler crown from a flea market and a copper ferrule from the plumber´s shop. The sheath will be more rustic and made from just plain leather without any Gotlandic mountings.


  1. Wow, puts my efforts to shame, that is one beautiful knife.

  2. Thanks, gentlemen, for your kind words again!

    The handle looks kind of upside down, does it? To me it does, but I turned the antler to and fro in my hand, and found this was the most comfortable setup. Have done some serious whittling with it, and it works quite well. For these tasks I also like the Seax shape a lot.

  3. Beautiful work, but not a blade shape I would choose.

  4. I find it not as versatile as others myself, but at what it´s good at it excels.


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