Donnerstag, 7. April 2011

Look what I found hike or what became of the umbrella;-)

 Went out foraging some days ago and came across a huge pile of treasures. This I simply found pleasing to the eye, although it might be (very carefully and only with consulting someone with healing practice or a doctor!!!) applied when suffering mild heart insufficiencies. I do not recommend using it, mind you, it´s just traditionally used in this application. It´s the common periwinkle.
 I found these withered steel bolts with a high carbon content submerged in the soil of an ancient garbage deposing site near an old, abandoned farmhouse. I remember the Iberians used the method of submerging iron in the soil and letting it rust and then refining it to carburize it, so I am eager to try this material! One seems to be an old axle, the other a bolt or a piece of prybar.
 This is a nickel silver handle of an old umbrella, very beautifully engraved, apparently by hand. The umbrella´s all gone, and it can´t wait for its new life to start;-). What could it possibly become... uuummm.... I have an idea....
 Some common scurvy grass (Cochlearia officinalis), in German: Echtes Löffelkraut for soup and sandwich and bannock...Tastes a bit like cress.
 Aaaand, one of my all - time - favourites for a hundred and one applications, some garlic mustard (alliaria petiolata), in German: Knoblauchsrauke. All parts ar edible. Before blossom, it tastes like wild garlic, after that like a cress variant, too. The root should be harvested before blossom and tastes a bit like horse radish (in German: Meerrettich) and can be prepared as such. Delicious with some salt, lemon and cream, for smoked bacon, fish or beef! The leaves can be used as spice in sour cream, as a salad or spinache even. You can fill fish with them or meat, you can eat them raw or cooked, you can make a cream soup with them. White wine suits them best, as with nettle leaves. The seeds are said to have aphrodisic properties ;-) and can be used as a energizing tonicum.
Those are the roots, a bit like parsley root they look. Ah, yes, that´s a very old knife I brought out to reality check, and I still love it. The handle has suffered a little, but the blade´s still a beast.
 The garlic mustard before blossom in undisturbed habit. I love that stuff. Did I mention I love that stuff? I love it. I mean, it might be it wasn´t made clear, so I better tell you: I love that stuff;-).
Ah yes, and what became of the umbrella and my would-not-be Nessmuk-would-not-be-seaxwithahumponthespine-would - be - a - no -frills - bush-  beast-blade;-). A bit rough still, and yes, I admit, I have a lot of projects started and lying on my bench, that is my living room table;-). I am planning for a somewhat Russian look, with an antler handle and a "viking style" sheath that was common also in Russia. But we´ll see, I am somewhat volatile at times....;-)

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