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Freitag, 29. April 2011

New Mora bush knife with a modified clipper sheath- A reality chock!

I had this Mora laminate blade lying around, and some ebony for a handle, so I did this to that blade. The bolster is brass, the tang is riveted against the handle. Took an old clipper sheath I had lying around, too, and heated it some with a hairdryer. With a piece of stag antler I fitted the sheath warm to the knife. Not beautiful, for sure, but dead functional. I took it for a walk, and what can I say?

Why do I still forge?;-) I mean, I go to ends and edges with steel. I make damascus, I use ever new steels to try it out to get a better knife. And Mora simply produces something like that. Okay, my question is easily answered: I forge, because I want an individual knife. I forge, because I love to play with fire and steel.

But if I am honest, I am hard pressed to find knives better than this. Amongst my own there are maybe ten.


I love this knife, and am tempted to take it to bed with me;-).


  1. These Moras are certainly very good blades.. but don't go tell everybody! Us knife makers will be out of a job if too many people work this out!

    Nice job, and in the spirit of bushcraft! But keep it quiet...:-)

  2. Ha, ha. Well, even the mora design was perfected by hand before it was produced in the factory. That too is the joy and challenge of forging...seeking to make the ultimate usable knife.

    (Don't tell anyone...I sleep with my knives next to my bed sometimes too...)

  3. ...come to think of it, I have 3 kukris sitting on top of the cupboard next to the bed...but only because they clutter everywhere else...:-)

  4. Okay, I´ll keep silent about this. @primitivepoint: Great to have you back, and I am totally with you, both conerning the perfection by hand and the other topic..;-)

    I sleep with a sword for company, and a shelf full of blades and strikers and tools myself...;-) great not having to be a sicko solitarily;-)...


Now go on, discuss and rant and push my ego;-). As long as it´s a respectful message, every comment is welcome!

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