Freitag, 29. April 2011

New Mora bush knife with a modified clipper sheath- A reality chock!

I had this Mora laminate blade lying around, and some ebony for a handle, so I did this to that blade. The bolster is brass, the tang is riveted against the handle. Took an old clipper sheath I had lying around, too, and heated it some with a hairdryer. With a piece of stag antler I fitted the sheath warm to the knife. Not beautiful, for sure, but dead functional. I took it for a walk, and what can I say?

Why do I still forge?;-) I mean, I go to ends and edges with steel. I make damascus, I use ever new steels to try it out to get a better knife. And Mora simply produces something like that. Okay, my question is easily answered: I forge, because I want an individual knife. I forge, because I love to play with fire and steel.

But if I am honest, I am hard pressed to find knives better than this. Amongst my own there are maybe ten.


I love this knife, and am tempted to take it to bed with me;-).

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