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Freitag, 29. April 2011

Look, I found a fiver!

 On a recent stroll in the woods I came across this heap of beer cans. I am normally not amused finding crap like this, but it was somewhat different this time.

For, in Germany, for this sign, you get a deposit fee of 0,25 €. All the cans on the pile added up to a fiver. I usually take home the crap I can take back to get rid of it in the woods, making things from it, if I can. This time I didn´t, got me some quality food and enjoyed the evening!


  1. Good catch! Who says foraging don't pay? That bring back memories. When I was a kid, many thing were returnable, with a deposit like this, I used to collect empty bottles, wine, milk, yoghurt pots, and return them to the shop, a bit of pocket money for me, and a lot less junk lying about. Why they don't return to it, I don't know. Far, far too much stuff people throw everywhere and spoil the place. I must say, I don't get the mentality, it's not hard is it, they bring the stuff into the wood, it would not be hard to bring it back out again, and its lighter when empty too...:-(

  2. I consider this a small payment for the extra weight I carried out of the woods for years due to those boneheads.

    I´d love to be able not to be called human any more... Nibelung would do for a start...;-)


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