Donnerstag, 21. April 2011

After-work bimble with fox puppy sighting

 So, the last two days I got into the woods directly after work. I took the bus and went into the underbrush without further ado. Collected some sweet woodruff, blueberry flower and leaves and garlic mustard. Oh, and this stick...;-) that already got a woodspirit carved into it. I was being a bit stressed out, but putting off the white collar worked wonders for me... Sat on  a stump a bit, nothing new here, and let my thoughts wander, and carving, and contemplating.
 That´s the start of the new hiking staff. It´s a length of good and dry maple I found along the trail.
 Into the sunny underbrush I went, swift and silent and with an attitude of plainly and simply belonging there. One of those days, when noone is on the way, but me... great.
 Through this ancient mine walked.
 And found some wild garlic, delicious!!!!

 Alongside this field some strange tracks led. I was quite submerged in thought, when I heard an even stranger barking, like a dog´s, but pitched somewhat higher. Looking closer and freezing in my tracks, I saw this fox´s den with some puppies before it. I stood still for a quarter of an hour, rarely breathing. It was quite funny to watch them, all thumbs and all, playing and barking at each other.
The den again. They went in and out.Iwas standing so still, a squirrell passed by me in some 50 cm distance, looked at me and went on its way, and this I am a bit proud of... it simply felt good.
When the puppies where in, I noticed this ladybeetle sitting before me.

Oh, and today I made this video, nothing fancy, just puppies passing in the distance. Was all shaky from excitement, so no Hollywood here;-)

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