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Mittwoch, 17. April 2013

Knifemaking day at the smithy...

 On Friday I had an appointment with Nick at the smithy, and some work to do. So I rode out to Witten. The sun was shining brightly, and I took in the silence and solitude in the Ruhr marshes and the hooting and singing of geese, cranes, ducks and singing birds.
 I met but few people, and the atmosphere was outright idyllic.
 But we were determined to change that!*ggg* Nick came by and we lit the forge, and I showed him some basics, for he wants to get serious about smithing and to help out where he can. And we worked on the En-Nep we forged at the Industrial Museum.
 Nick apparently enjoyed himself.  He suffered from some throwbacks, but I hope that does not bother him much.
 I showed him how to forge a swallow´s tail scroll, and a rat-tail scroll, and he tried out for himself.
 Meanwhile, I ground and tempered the sgian dhú blade out of spring steel for a friend of Craig´s. Sorry, Craig, it´s getting there, and I know I am a forgetful moron, for in fact, I simply forgot it. George will get a good one, though.;-) The other blade is a hadseax made from wire damascus.
 And some copper fittings and a spoon from mild steel I forged that day, too.
 When the sun was setting, Volker brought Nick to Witten railway station, for it´s a right trek out there! I had fun with Nick and I hope he´s here to stay!


  1. Those who truly teach save the next generation! Bless you!

  2. Thank you, Gorges. Those who truly learn, teach, and I am with you. Blessings to you also, if you want them:-).


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