Mittwoch, 3. April 2013

A day in the smithy-folder and elven hunting knife blade

 On Saturday I saddled my steed;-) and rode out to the smithy. Noone seemed quite motivated to do some spring fire partying, so I resolved to take refuge:-) at the hottest fire I can imagine, and the one that has never failed me... the roaring, spitting, violent forge. The weather was shitty at best, but no harm done, I am not made out of stuff that will melt in rain and snow. On my way I met practically noone, and I paused to listen to the water birds. In the smithy, it was Volker greeting me and quite some filing work on my elven hunting knife I forged some time ago to do, for I decided to do some more fileworking than I normally do. Volker, that good chap, provided me with good, hot, strong coffee as usual, which was quite appreciated, given that the smithy has no roof worth mentioning and no walls at all;-), and blimey, the wind was coo-o-o--oold.*ggg*
 Then Daniel showed up with his lovely girlfriend, Marie. And he did what he always does, taking the sledge to do some intricate and delicate scrollwork just to show he´s capable of it. I really wished he would gain some self - confidence. He does some good work, but could easily be better if he concentrated on the work and not the proving himself. But I understand he is in desperate need of it, so I leave him be, swallow my tongue, although I keep making fun of him;-). He ´s getting on many people´s nerves, and certainly sometimes on mine, too, but it´s not easy growing up in this shitty mess we have made from this society. And blacksmithing gives him something to cling to (and doesn´t it to all of us?) and makes him something special. And I daresay he´s a good guy and on a good way. His lady was looking on and rightfully proud of her man.
 She even did some smithing herself, and fared well at it.
 I did little forging, for the elven hunter did require quite a bit of filing, but finally it got there. Then I forged the bolsters on the integral liners for a friction folder and filed the bevel on the folder blade from Zwissler damascus I made a while ago.

 Björn dropped by. He had found an old forge in a garden of a buddy of his, and decided he wanted to have a go. He had his head humming with projects, and boy, do I know this feeling! We gave him some coal to get the fire started, and some advice how to keep it low at first. I also offered him some free tutoring if he wanted, which he gladly accepted-we keep the flame burning!

Then suddenly they all were gone, I quenched the blade, had a chat with Volker, Jochen and Renate, and before you could say "degasing" I was on my bike and riding home through the silent twilight of dusk. In the distance I saw the spring fires burning down. But another fire will never cease to kindle.

It is the fire in my heart.

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