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Mittwoch, 24. April 2013

On the bench these days-Sgian Achlais, spoon and seax

 Those are some of many projects currently going on: A handforged spoon out of mild steel with a handle out of reindeer antler, a BIG sgian achlais , spring steel with a yew handle and copper ferrules for a friend of Craig´s, and a hadseax out of wire damascus with a reindeer antler handle.
The sgian achlais with a finished handle, not yet glued nor with the tang peened over the buttcap, for I have to do some grinding still. Wrecked half of my tools, so everything extremely tribal... but rugged to boot. Maybe I´ll do a video test on that knife soon, it certainly can take a beating! As is it chops through antler, oak and ash, carves mild steel rods and still cuts paper. I will take this to test and try harder still!


  1. "As is it chops through antler, oak and ash, carves mild steel rods and still cuts paper.." Ok...I want to see that myself! I like the knife anyway, and that spoon is sort of rather cute..I haven't made any of those steel spoons yet..though it will be a while before I do, what with a boat to build!

  2. It´s spring steel with a selective temper, what do you expect?;-) Ok, I admit I only chopped halfway through the antler for I have none to spare, and the marrow isn´t as hard anyway (the hard part always being the first centimetre, and the oak and ash were not exactly tree trunks (about 6cm diameter). Carving mild steel rods is a standard test of mine. I have forsaken the hammer-on-nails test, because it compromises the long - term strength of a knife that will be given away. I hope to be standing the complete ABS test soon and am training for that. To date some knives will stand that test, some will not, and I have to get more consistent at that. I really hope to get a vid done, but to date have noone to assist me at that... but we´ll see how it goes.

    The spoon actually was my first one, and I was very inspired by Petr Florianek of Look at his facebook site, well worth to look at...

    As for your boat, I am right impressed. That kind of precision craftsmanship where you could get wet feet if you make the tiniest of mistakes is not mine... give me a big lump of steel to pound... But great job, and it more than compensates for your current lack of spoons;-)...

  3. Once again put your hands under the UV light to dry the gel Negle Produkter


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