Freitag, 29. April 2011

Another Foraging Hike

On Tuesday I packed my things and made for the hill to get some edibles into my bag, for I was running short of green, and thusly of vitamins. Came across this plant, which I took for great burdock (arctium lappa, in German: Große Klette). Did the old boyscout stunt, nibbled a tiny bit of the root, waited half an hour, had no adverse effects, ate double of the dose I ate before, waited for another half of an hour, had no adverse effects, and ate the entire root. It tasted like a sweeter version of cabbage turnip (brassica olearacea gongylodes, in German: Kohlrabi), and I took home three more of them to cook them as such. I do not recommend you try this stunt at home. If you are not sure, obstain from the plants in doubt, it might have fatal effects. It depends on your own feeling of responsibility, however. I only had a tiny moment of doubt, and I know the taste of the adverse partner plant, and it stings. My grandmother used the tip of her tongue when in doubt, and if it tasted sharp or stinged she spat it out. But then my grandmother actually sucked the poison of a common viper bite out with her mouth when she was a young woman (she grew up in East Prussia), rinsing her mouth with milk or water afterwards, and was quite the different story! I actually walked a bit while testing;-), over those old hills and far away. It was quite some funny weather, sometimes bright and gay, but with mist arising
 from the deeper forests. They said in ancient times that the "Nibelungen" (Niflungar, Nevelungen) where on their way. Took some dandelion for dandelion honey with me, too.

 Ribwort in blossom (plantago lanceolata, in German: Spitzwegerich). I use this as a medicinal against bronchitis. I use the leaves and the flower. The leaves may also be used in wound treatment.
 In the middle of the woods I saw this totem pole made by someone with a chainsaw gone off his rocker. Getting a bit nosy, I followed the small footpath, and what did I come across?
 This very sturdy earth shelter, complete with camouflage and all the kit.

A campsite, built by apparently loving hands!

This is pennyroyal ( mentha pulegia, in German: Poleiminze). Good against witches;-). But be careful, it contains a poison, pulegon, and should be used sparsely. It might lead to cramps, skin irritations, acidosis or colics. In ancient times it was used as a medicinal as a rinsing solution, as a tea to promote digestion, as a spice in kitchen and as an insecticide in straw beds.

Came across this fairie, and we had sort of a chat.;-)...Niflungar coming out in the sunshine, a rare sighting indeed...;-)

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