Dienstag, 10. Mai 2011

Reprofiled an old blade

This knife you might be familiar with. It has a blade out of the St. Jakobus pilgrim´s trail that runs near my home. The trail is virtually made out of steel, because the woods belonged to some Funcke corporation specializing in making saws, spades, picks and shovels between the big wars. They used their crap metal to fill up the trails. I found some steel that might be something with a carbon content like silver steel, but with a very strange spark image, with dark red, articulated specks amongst the bright ones with articulated star sparks at the end. Took that, forge welded it to a file I found there, too, et voilá. The ferrules are copper, the handle is Caucasian walnut root. It measures in at 87 mm for the blade, with a rather thick spine of 6 mm. I reprofiled it to a Scandi grind and to fit in a Scandi sheath. Since the pattern does not show so brightly anyway, I decided not to etch it. It now cuts wood like mad. Thin slices of salami, that´s another story, though;-). But the, who wants thin slices of salami?;-)

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