Montag, 16. Mai 2011

Study and (mild;-)) review of a Janos Madaras Hungarian hunting knife

 This one is one of the highlights in my collection, and I like it quite a lot. It´s a blade made by Janos Madaras, 95 mm long and 440 C. It has a perfect, razor-like hollow grind that is so elastic, it shows a continuous wave when drawn over a testing steel rod, yet works to carve the same steel. It has an integral bolster, the rivets and the washers are handmade. The washers are  nickel silver, the rivets bronze. The baroque engraving is hand made by the maker, as is the sheath from thick, naturally tanned and formed leather.
 Akanthus engraving and hollow grind detail.
 The blade gets continuously thinner to the tip, a hint to being hand - forged (which it is). The scales from stag antler are hand-fitted with not so much as 1 / 10  mm tolerance.
 The hollow grind to nearly zero, and the bolster part. The only thing not so precise is the small leftover part from the blade´s ricasso on the bolster.
The hollow grind ground absolutely symmetrically.

So, I normally test my knives to the max. With this knife I am somewhat reluctant. I love its beauty, and the extreme cutting prowess. I even used it to shave my facial hair, for it has all the properties a good razor has, too! It cuts onion slices so thin you can see your dinner dated girlfriend through... can´t see why noone wants to date me...hmpf;-).

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