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Mittwoch, 4. Mai 2011

Lawnmower: Dead!;-)

 Went for a stroll along the historical Ennepetal trail, and what did I find? This historical electric lawnmower, all dead;-). Did harm to it with my multitool and took:

-The blade for blades,
-the wheels for building a belt grinder
-the handle for a pipe tuyere or something else

The chassis I will fetch another time for building a forge or something like that;-).

Luckily noone hastens to take crap from out of the woods, so it will remain there for the next 50 years, if I don´t fetch it.


  1. "One man's trash is another man's treasure", the saying goes.

  2. One true saying;-)! I dwell on other men´s trash!;-) But then I am a messie anyway....

  3. Your woods are amazing treasure troves!

  4. ...because our people seem to be human dumpster trucks, and we have a long history of metalworking over here! But no harm done, new material I could not afford;-).


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