Mittwoch, 12. April 2017

Ride with ´em crazy rookies ;-)


 On Sunday the folks from the ironforge and myself decided it was some really fine weather to go for some mountainbike ride along some technical trails. A lot of the guys and gals actually ride, and some of them have developed an appetite for some chain banging, no pun intended;-). So we met up at the trailhead, and the day started with some talking complete nonsense and horsing around.
 After some riding the local enduro track@Harkortberg trail, where we met Marvin, one of the semi-pros of my former club, we were faced with a cool singletrail descent and the resulting in-your-face climb, where all of us had to bail at the end.
 No harm done, what with an open fireroad and birds twittering all over the place and cozy temps.
 There was more climbing waiting, but nothing could wipe that smile off our faces!
 Still more climbing, still more fun!
 Then we hit a former railroad track:

And glided along, talking a pile of shit, for a change... ;-). Now these tracks are quite an asset in our region. A lot of former railroad tracks have been converted into bike lanes, offering scenic vistas and a really cool way to get to places fast. I often use one of them when commuting to work, and that´s a real asset. It´s outright relaxing not having to constantly being afraid for your life because one or the other car driver wants to kill you just for being existent!

From the lane, we took another singletrail over open heath.
 Natalie and Thiemo did a really great job, by the way. I had tutored both of them how to do the bunny hop, and they respectively needed 5 minutes (!) to get it wired in a basic form. Hats off to them!
 The trails we rode were not exactly rookie level, too, but part of an almost legendary bike race, the Ruhrbike marathon race, which is famed for the challenging terrain it covers. We did not overdo it, and took in a relaxed way, but they rode almost everything. Even the chicken ways on a downhill course posed no challenge to them. Thumbs up!
 I really like the atmosphere of the forest these days, so warm and cozy and springy and fragrant!
 Then we passed along some rutted doubletrack, where it happened...
 ...that Thiemo...
 ...who was that fond of the trails...
 (as was Natalie)...

took a sample of dirt.... ;-). But, no harm done, we were able to continue on our merry way, after a brief pausing to relieve the shock.

 At the Böllberg, site of a local secret spot ;-) we met with these licce goaties...
 ..who did not let the world put a care upon their shoulders except from grazing the --- erm... grass? ;-)
 And up again we climbed.
 Then we wanted to visit Willy at the Bethaus smithy, for Natalie as his daughter just wanted to say hello. Turned out Willy was not there, but we had a nice chat with Patrick, who is also forging at the smithy now.
When we went for our way home, it was already getting dark. We split up in Wetter, and the two of them slowly took the climb to the parking at the trailhead, where they had left their car.

It was a really cool outing, with fun companionship and fun trails, and laidback and silly talk... what more could you wish for!

Thanks, folks!

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