Mittwoch, 26. April 2017

A ride with Natalie-it´ll be dry she said...

Natalie wrote me an SMS. Fancy a ride, she said. It´ll be dry, she said. ;-) Now dry it wasn´t, but fancy one ride I did. And I thought, well, get an early start, drop by the Deele café and have some lunch and do some foraging beforehand, and this I did. Had some delicious bun with homemade meatballs and a big mug of coffee at the café and then I was off to the hills. Got some blackthorn (prunus spinosa, in German: Schwarzdorn) for mead spicing and syrup...
An was on my merry way over old hills and far away for the rendezvous at the lake.
It wasn´t raining cats and dogs exactly, but I still got wet a tiny bit... Let´s ride, she said. IT`LL BE DRY, SHE SAID!!!! ;-) Anyway, I actually liked the drizzle and the calm atmosphere. I met no one out there, which was cool.

The forests lay dark and enchanted and were singing their rustling song in a gentle breeze.
I stuck to the fireroads, just toodling along and smelling the spring air.
Then I came across some sweet woodruff (galium odoratum:, in German: Waldmeister) for syrup and mead spice and stuffed it into my bag, too.

Don´t take them when in flower, because they become mildly toxic and you end up having headaches.

Then, some singletrails later, I met with Natalie at the trailhead and made fun out of her weather forecast, and we started our ride along some swampy trails.

Like this, see? ;-)

It was simply cool to see everything in blossom... and the weather even got better, mind you... ! ;-)

We rode a load of forest trails, single- and doubletracks, sometimes pausing to chat or just to smell the roses.
Lots of scenic vistas, and for a rookie, Natalie deserves a lot of respect, for she mastered the sometimes challenging trails and had fun in the process!
There were rolling hills and ups and downs through dense forests and fine clearings.
Through the Ennepe valley we rode towards the small village of Rüggeberg, situated on a hilltop.
The singletrails were often flowy and a lot of fun!


Near Rüggeberg we came across an old site of a fortification, which marked the border of two countries. We used the old ramparts as launch sites and caught some air. There´s a message hidden somewhere here... forgot where I put it... can you find it? ;-)
Along the ridge of the hills...
... and still more fun trails to ride.

Even if it started to RAIN AGAIN!!!! ;-) On the ridge my bike collapsed again for a change and I fixed it under the driving gusts of stormwind.
I have to thank Natalie a lot, because she kicked my lame butt to go out riding, and is just a fun person to have around-it is very motivating to have someone like her kicking you out to ride. And the best part: The virus is spreading, and we get more in number!

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