Donnerstag, 9. Juni 2011

Another Foraging Hike near my home

 I recently set out for another walk to bring in some holly blossom primarily, and to just smell the roses.

First, I went to the bank;-). Same place, same tin cans, 2,00 € for free.
 I spare you the details, for it was the same old trail I have unnerved you with so many times;-). Brought in this bag of holly blossom (Sambucus Nigra, Holunder in German). I really love to make syrup from them. This year I have the notion they are even more aromatic than the years before.

Take the holly blossom, remove the leaves and clean them thoroughly. Put them in a wide glass, and cover with white refined sugar. Add slices of one lemon with the peel on (must be non-toxic;-)). Add another layer of holly, cover with sugar, cover with orange slices, cover with sugar, add holly blossom and so on. The last layer should be sugar, and thicker as usual for as to keep the oxygene off.
Let it rest for three days. Strain the mass and warm to 75 degrees Celsius.
Thoroughly desinfect a vacuum glass and warm it by pouring boiling water in. (Remove the water;-)). Put the syrup in while it´s still hot, put the lid on and fill it up to the brim. Put the glass upside down to cool.
 You can also add one layer of sweet woodruff, tastes even more delicious. Drink it with soda and ice in summer, it makes for a great delicious drink!

If you use pectinous sugar, you can make a gelée from it, which is absolutely great on white bread with butter.

You can add one handful of raisins to the strained syrup, heat it to 75 degrees, let it cool ´til 37 degrees, and add brewery yarm to it. Put it in bottles with a fermentation valve on (you can use a childrens balloon or even a condom, too, fix it with a zip - tie around the bottle´s neck). Let it rest for three weeks in a dark place, put the bottles in sand while the mead ferments. Then fill the mead in clean bottles, and put a cork in, which you can seal with beeswax. The dried blossoms are good against the cold and bronchitis, when drank in a tea mixture, too.

And, good against witches, I am afraid...;-)

Came across this plant, too. It´s achillea millefolium, common yarrow (Schafgarbe in German). It´s good against digestive problems and colics, and menstrual problems too.

Oh yes, and I have heard it tell, it might be good against witches. Did not help against me, somehow...;-). Got some for tea and a Theriak herbal tonicum.
The sun was sinking, as I went home, and it was quite the otherworldly experience.... It was all misty, for it had rained beforehand.

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