Samstag, 4. Juni 2011

Children´s Birthday parties at the smithy with Volker, Michael, and Daniel

 So, some two weeks ago, I went to the smithy again, for there was work to be done;-). Daniel dropped by, too, and helped out, too. I really like this: Daniel is 17 years old, Michael an Volker are in their sixties, I am a mid-thirty guy, and we all work together without so much of any ado whatsoever. The kids had fun, too, as you can easily see! This is Daniel doing the finish on a miniature horseshoe.
 Michael at the forge... need I make many words? Those two know their trade. Sometimes (and on that day especially), things go awry a bit, but that does not keep them from successfully making kids happy and fascinated, and that´s what it´s all about in my book. They just keep the fire burning!;-)
 That´s quite some work bench, eh? Not many smiths have an old cocktail table for a tool bench, I guess;-):
 The girls wanted to have fun, too;-). Michael is forging
 one of the kids´favourites, a snake out of rebar.
 OOOOHHHH, and what might be hidden in the forge for Fimbulmyrk????;-)
 The En-Nep from last time, tempered, engraved with a chisel, and drilled for scales...
Did I mention I messed up the drilling on this one? I messed up the drilling on this one. Did I mention...;-) Anyway, no harm done, really, it´s just for myself to try and test it out, and there will be some scales to go over the mess...;-)

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