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Montag, 27. Juni 2011

The works of Viktor Paukow

 I had the privilege to meet Viktor at the Bethaus again and even do some forging with him. This guy is just amazing. I cannot express how much knowledge and experience he has, in one sentence there are so many informations I could write a book on. He is a very admirable man, and I do admire him a lot. Not all of his opinions are mine, too, and we have room for discussion, but, as one of my readers whose opinion I value a lot, suggested, I will treasure him. For his life and experience, for his shortcomings and humanity as well as his knowledge.
 This is a sickle he made while still in Kazakhstan. made from leaf spring steel, and with a very interesting handle mounting, a crossover between a rattail tang, an integral bolster and a flat tang. The handle is made from hardwood. That thing is a beast that literally swings itself and has some heft to it. This, when pared with a razor edge (we tried it), makes for a frightening cutting prowess.
I find it is in little things where true mastery shows through, too. These are miniature horseshoes (for pixie horses;-)) I have yet to learn how to accomplish a big one, let alone making one of those teenie weenie things. hats off!!!!


  1. Sometimes all we can do is watch and learn.

  2. ... and this I want to do. This is what has made my life so far: Watching and learning and living through the tests of life. I have my scars from steel and fire, from love and hate, but I am proud of them. Life is learning, and thusly I am grateful I met people like Viktor.

  3. You are fortunate to have such friends! That's an interesting sickle. I can't quite picture what you mean about the tang style though.

  4. I will post a detail as soon as possible. It´s flat near the ricasso, with a single rivet hole. About halfway up the tang there are two "ears" wrapped around and forming a bolster, and behind those ears the tang forms a rattail. The handle is split out the front, filed to fit the "bolster ears" and drilled to take the rattail piece, Then it´s pushed on and fitted with resin. After that, one half of the split end is removed, and the other half riveted to the flat part of the tang with an iron nail.


Now go on, discuss and rant and push my ego;-). As long as it´s a respectful message, every comment is welcome!

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