Montag, 27. Juni 2011

The works of Viktor Paukow

 I had the privilege to meet Viktor at the Bethaus again and even do some forging with him. This guy is just amazing. I cannot express how much knowledge and experience he has, in one sentence there are so many informations I could write a book on. He is a very admirable man, and I do admire him a lot. Not all of his opinions are mine, too, and we have room for discussion, but, as one of my readers whose opinion I value a lot, suggested, I will treasure him. For his life and experience, for his shortcomings and humanity as well as his knowledge.
 This is a sickle he made while still in Kazakhstan. made from leaf spring steel, and with a very interesting handle mounting, a crossover between a rattail tang, an integral bolster and a flat tang. The handle is made from hardwood. That thing is a beast that literally swings itself and has some heft to it. This, when pared with a razor edge (we tried it), makes for a frightening cutting prowess.
I find it is in little things where true mastery shows through, too. These are miniature horseshoes (for pixie horses;-)) I have yet to learn how to accomplish a big one, let alone making one of those teenie weenie things. hats off!!!!

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