Samstag, 4. Juni 2011

Another foraging stroll

Two weeks ago I went for another stroll after work. I just took the bus, had a coffee at an old smithy that now´s a restaurant, damnit;-) and a piece of cake, and then went into the woods to make for the long way home. In the woods there are many ancient crap deposits of the farms over there, and look, what I found: Those are railroad bolts of a high carbon content, aproximately 0,75 % after the spark analysis.

 I take this to be a feather from an Eurasian Jay, but might be mistaken... I took it behind my hatband, for I like the colours very much!
 TANK BURRRRRLLLL!!!!!;-) Now that´s a burl, is it?
 European larch hips. Taste great, have a very high content of Vitamin C, and, if you pour honey and schnapps over ém, make for an interesting drink that´s good against the cough and the cold...;-).
In another deposit I found this railroad bolt, some C 75 content, too. How they come to be disposed of there I can´t tell, but I do not complain any;-). 

Oh, and greater plantain (spergula mersonii, in German: Breitwegerich). Makes for a great herb against bronchitis, as an antiseptic in wound treatment, you can eat it in a salad (did that!;-)), and got some common plantain (plantago officinalis, in German: Spitzwegerich), too. This last herb is even better against bronchitis. I use the sap and cook it with honey, add thyme and salvia and some gin to preserve it and dissolve the etherical oil of the plant.

Once again I came home with quite a loot! Sometimes I am not quite sure if it might be just the hunt;-)

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