Donnerstag, 16. Juni 2011

Crafts fair at the Bethaus

 Last weekend we worked for Volker at a crafts fair he organized. We didn´t get any payment, but a lot of great food and even more fun out of it and a chance to actually play around a bit again;-). A small utility with runes on, reading:

(I defend against Evil, after an actual find) and
(I bring magic)

I hit my fingers two times while engraving, so, mind you, the runes are baptized in blood!;-)

 Made this hot punch for Volker. Punch is file steel, handle is iron.
 Daniel had a go at this kitchen knife from a BIG file. Great spiral, one of the first he managed. He´s always getting better, and I like that fact very much.

 We put ourselves to the challenge to make a fire with wet tinder;-) we found in the woods nearby.
We worked with children both days, making handprints in  airdrying clay. Was a bit messy, for we had no tools. So we had to whittle them;-).
Kids were coming continuously, but sparsely, so no stress at all, and we had fun, as had the kids apparently.
Fuzz stick to light a fire with wet tinder;-).
And we got the fire going! Had several tries, though, but we would not go hungry and cold in the woods;-).
Degasing wood on top of the fire.

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