Dienstag, 12. Juli 2011

Raspberry / Sloe Mousse with Red Wine

 I went out doing some foraging one week ago, for the rspberries are there! Now I like raspberries a lot, and I picked some to make a mousse. The recipe is from my grandmother who made a lot of those mousses and gelées and jams.  I collected a bucket full of them. I also had some sloe left in the fridge at my mother´s. I always collect sloe relatively early (not waiting for the first frost, putting them in the fridge instead or, if no fridge is at hand (still got none at home) but them in vinegar water for a day or two.

 That´s just part of the loot, of course!
 I took some half pound of raspberries and some 100g of sloe. I deliberately soaked them with some good warm honey and added a shot of sweet red wine. I let it simmer for about three hours at a very low heat (75-90 degrees C), constantly stirring, removing the foam (delicious!) and adding wine when the mass got too dry. In the last hour I added half a green, fresh pine cone. When I turned the heat off, I added a good shot of Sherry and mixed it thoroughly
And that´s what I got. Try the mousse in between. I like it very dark, but you might not. Also watch the consistency. I like it rather stiff, but that´s not to everyone´s liking;-). You can also make candies from it by adding another half pound of sugar in the last 15 minutes and letting it caramelize. And how the heck do I clean that pot? No worries; I just removed the mousse, poured some water in and cooked it some with a little shot of soda, constantly stirring. Add some more water, let it cool or drink it hot. Either way you got a delicious and healthy drink!

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