Dienstag, 12. Juli 2011

Some more impressions from the smithy, and a children´s birthday party

 Recently I went to the "Bethaus" again to help Volker out a bit with the kids, this time doing some forging myself. The kids were not so amuing this time, a bit hyperactive and lacking motivation and not being able to concentrate any longer than a minute. It was quite some arduous work preventing them from hurting themselves. I learned they are all very fit concerning computer issues. Ah yes, it´s about high time they thought about starting a career, they are already six!! High time they started an application for a decent job, too! It was great to observe, however, that steel and fire did what they always do: Fascinate them, and when the parents got bored of all that work, they warmed up to smithing and were far easier to handle... Makes one think, that!;-)
 That´s a knife by Volker, made from .... tadaaa ST-37. I was getting a bit mad at him for that, for he can do quite a lot better than making blades from crap. It does not cut, but I like the idea nonetheless. Those little nails and the mini horseshoes are by Viktor.
 As are those little works of art. The basketwork is forgewelded! The little drill borer is made by Volker out of spring steel.
 That javelin point and the arrow point are made by Viktor again. I love that delicate and clean work and the mastery it expresses again!
 Nails by Viktor, without words. Look at the surfaces!
 I started another Celtic (Celtoid;-)) blade design for a friend of mine. Blade is leaf spring steel.
 The blade all grinded. I tried a more radical handle design. The guy it´s meant for lacks the tips of his fingers up to the second joint on his cutting hand. So I let him clasp a piece of clay and took the contours. This actually came out.
 And an ancient sledge we have lying around;-).
This one´s for you, Gorges;-). It´s made from refined steel, wrought steel, yet retains a high enough carbon content to be actually hardenend, even though the temper is off due to the constant warming and bashing it has seen. You can see the layers coming apart.

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