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Dienstag, 12. Juli 2011

Tribal? I´ll GIVE you tribal!!!;-)

 So, I went for a brief stroll and stumbled across this piece of tempered and rotten saw blade steel. I figured i´d try a bit of "survival" practice;-) and make a knife from it with no tools whatsoever.
 Rather thin and rotten it was.
 The "tip", looks a bit like a clip point. But was just rotten that way.
Found a decent grinding stone, this time granite or something like that. Ground my fingers bloody and managed to put an edge on it in about an hour´s time.

This is what it did afterwards.

Watch this space... next time it´s making its own handle and I will refine the blade at home.


  1. Interesting experiment, in the true spirit of bushcraft and survival, by using whatever you have at hand. I look forward to the blade making it's own handle!

  2. You did a good job, well done. I see in the movies where people throw away or discard items they find without even thinking twice. I can never understand why the directors do this. I would be collecting anything & everything that even looked remotely usefull.

  3. Good job! It's not always about WHAT you have, but HOW YOU USE what you have.

  4. I find "The Hunted" with Tommy Lee Jones quite interesting in that aspect. Mainly because of the way the protagonist /antagonist duo make the most of the crap they find, not the slightly silly story.

    As a kid, I used to make knives out of everything. It reminded me a little of that, doing it all again.

    Concerning collecting everything that looks remotely useful: Look behind the houses of most indigenous people. You might see a "heap of crap", and much ostracity it has gained them from contemporary "white man" writers. To tehm it was a matter of survival. Our culture is the poorer for that fact.

  5. It was kind of an eye-opener to me... and still is.


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