Freitag, 22. Juli 2011

Something to twist your brain a bit;-) Kris Holm Freeride video

Now it was a while ago when I came across this lad in a "New world disorder" mountainbike video. I have been doing quite my share of riding recently, mostly on bike lanes, but also on some singletrails open to access and some legal freeride trails around these parts, and I have got the bug again. I now ride for 26 years, very hard at times. I have seen my share of craziness, shooting photos for Jochen Buchholz and carrying the water flask for him, working as a race / festival mechanic for Veltec corporation and riding with the likes of Elmar Keineke and Heiko Hirzbruch, who come from Hagen, where I live. Thusly, I am not necessarily a stranger to some weird riding skills, and someone doing a bunnyhop over a park bench does not amaze me much, even if I respect that. (A bunnyhop is a jump with no ramp whatsoever that uses the principles of pulling and pushing to air the bike and it´s quite practical either in the woods or in the city)

But this guy takes the cake of driving me insane, really. It actually humbles anything I ever did. Now this is not primarily a mountainbike blog, but I simply had to post this...;-) It´s on the North Shore near Vancouver, where there is an abundance of legal trails like these, and mountain bike riding simply belongs to the outdoor lifestyle of people - as do trail maintenance sessions with having a beer afterwards;-)

If you want to try extreme mountainbike riding, make sure you have got an appropriate bike. Always ride sensibly and use appropriate safety gear. You might also want to seek out a professional instructor before trying any stunts. Kris Holm is a highly talented and even more so highly trained professional rider. Plus he seems to have bones of steel, because even he DID fall. I do not recommend you try any of this at home!

 Do not build any stunts illegally. It´s not okay for the woods, and for owners and hunters and hikers no less, and it spoils the good impression people work hard on to establish and in the long run it leads to banned trail access. Join a local initiative, go the long walk. If there´s none, found one.

And don´t forget the reason we all ride: To be out in the beautiful surrounding of nature. Have some good  plain fun, but give something back.

Over and out;-).

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