Mittwoch, 16. März 2011

No to any nuclear power whatsoever.

I want you to spare a thought and a moment of silence for the victims of the Tsunami and the recklessness of man, i.e. nuclear power facilities. Those people died in vain. Greedy business men killed them, interpreting the open market in a way that does not satisfy the needs of the people but lets them develop ever new ones. These are satisfied by the market, to which energy providers belong as well.

I must not hate them, for the law of the universe will look after them. But it is difficult.

I hope the injured will survive, and the dead will find peace.

And I hope that earth will recover. In time, say 1.000 years (then radiation will be about half as strong).

I decisively say no to nuclear power.

Now there are many people laughing and mocking at me and pointing their fingers for that. Look at him, they say, he wants no nuclear power, but how shall we live without electricity? How shall he fare? He will die!

Maybe they are disppointed a bit by the fact that I am not dying witout a fridge, or a TV, or a personal computer.

I will substitute all my lighting in my home to LEDs. (there are four energy-saving light bulbs all in all in my flat). I will purchase a solar mat to drive my computer and the hifi.I will remove any standby function on any electric supplement I own or dispose of it if not possible. I will obstain from full baths, preferring a shower. I will heat my water on the oven, not the water boiler. I will look to achieve my heating by a stove, not a gas heating system. That will take time, because I can´t afford it, and homemade solutions are not legal in Germany.

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