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Dienstag, 29. März 2011

My old home by the lake

 On a recent hike I passed by the old house I lived in for 34 years. I grew up there, I loved my first girlfriend there, I laughed, and I cried, and I had the impression that this castle was invincible.
 But now the shutters are closed, and it is left to rot.
Only but recently it has seen some care. I am glad, for I am still connected to this place. It is a strong and peaceful place. It has made me, and it keeps me strong, for I know I have riches others do not have. I have a home in my head and my heart due to the time I spent there.

And I leave it, and pass by, but I feel it in my heart, This is wonderful.


  1. That is a great looking house! Why did you move from there?

  2. Looks like a nice home in a nice setting. I'm sure your mind is filled with good memories of the place.

  3. @leloup: I lived there with my parents, and it was assured to my father he could live there as long as he lived. He got the high order of merit of the Bundesrepublik Deutschland, and the officials did that with quite a fuss.

    Then, only four weks later something very bureaucratic and businesslike happened. In one year´s time we had to leave there, "due to the bad substance of the house". My parents lived there for 41 years. In Germany, there is a law of protection for people renting houses or flats that says that the time you have to find something new grows ever so much longer. In this case, it would have been 5 years or so.
    They forced us out. We had no money for a decent lawyer, but the company had.

    But, all this left aside, my father was seriously ill (COPD, dilatative heart disease, motorical imparements) at that time, and an ambulance would have reached the place too late, so we left without any quarrell. If it weren´t for that, I would have fought. Tooth and nails.

    But as it is, I can appreciate the time I was able to spend there even more, all the tales of squirrells on the windowsill munching on nuts we gave them, of porcupines sitting by my side in the garden, of mice and roe deer and buzzards and bluetits and robins, of hare and rabbit coming to the garden and not shying away from us. Of the silence, and the water, and the song of cormorants, of ducks and owls in the summer twilight. Of making charcoal, of smithing under the stars, and letteing the seasons pass in a mighty ebb and flow.

    I now live in a suburban industrial side, virtually in the wagon brake hill of a train station, with a highway behind the house, a road well travelled before my house, a truck spedition around the corner and the landing zone of Dortmund airport above. The memories of the forest keep me alive, and let me walk far to find the silence I need as other people might need air to breathe. I got stronger by it, and I see the wisdom (and the joke:-)) in it.

  4. I really like these nostalgia filled writings man,good story and im sure theres feelings that cant be put into written form ever.

    Hopefully i can do a similar visit to certain cabin during summer. To my childhood´s heaven on earth where i grew, in the middle of the forest.

  5. By posting this, my Finnish bro, I can guess, that you, too, have feelings towards that place, that cabin in the woods, that cannot be put into written form whatsoever.

    But they show, and I find it great that there are people around sharing similar thoughts, for they have a similar background. My thanks get a bit inflationary at times, but I learned the hard way that people might die before you said what you really wanted.

    This feelings makes the stories shared ever more so strong in our hearts.

    I look forward to reading that what you CAN put
    in words on your blogs. It´s not a campfire in the woods ;-), but it´s good to have you all around.

    And this renders us all stronger than most. We might be an anachronism, but we are allright. Never forget that home in your hearts!

  6. Thats a beautiful place and such a poignant story, thankyou for sharing.

  7. "Da nich´für";-) as we say in Germany, meaning, it is a pleasure;-).


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