Mittwoch, 23. März 2011

The day the world did not end at all;-)- Work in the garden with kai and Levin

On Saturday I got up early and made for the hills.
 At lunchtime, we were dated at Kai´s to go to the garden by car, so I figured it would be great to have a small hike beforehand. Packed my hatchets and all the stuff and some food and drink and went into the woods behind my flat.
The sun was shining ever so beautifully- and I took it in like someone starving would food. Strange, for in winter I coveted the dark and the twilight, but now that the sun´s out, I realize I missed it! Strange thing, we humans. (Did I mention that before? Forgot....;-)) 

Does anyone see the crow? There´s one in the picture, but I hid it thoroughly;-).

This is a pond I came across, full of toad´s and newt´s spawn already! Then I visited my mother, had a cuppa coffee with her and a chat and went on to Kai´s. There we talked a huge pile of rubbish while waiting for Levin to arrive and, when he arrived, some even more huge pile of garbage. Kai showed me his projects, some spoons, knives and stuff and showed me his first welds he did as a locksmith´s apprentice for Railion Corporation, too. Seems he is becoming a decent human being after all, I am disappointed (NOT!;-)). Toodled around  a bit on his guitar (kids will be kids, I guess), and then it was off to the garden. All a mess, as you can see... That´s Kai, looking for some work;-).

 We always bring along someone less brutish, makes people shy away from us a little less;-): This is Levin, the Kevin.;-). Levin is a highly talented poet writing on Weideland Blog, and no stranger to some real hard working either.
 Didn´t I say you should NEVER give edged tools to this guy? Did I not warn you? And what was it you did? Give edged tools to this lunatic?;-)

Was plain good fun bringing out my little beast. I enjoy it thoroughly, and I have to forge one size bigger. It made short terms with the apple wood.

 This is Levin cleaning up. Still quite a heap of sticks. Have to get some for incense, and the rest will be burned.
 The first ladybug, Levin discovered on this crocus flower. I like this picture quite a lot.

The  car crammed full with logs and sticks. We looked after the tools and had some rest in the sun, packed our things, locked up the garden, and went to Kai´s home again. There it was some chopping and preparing carving wood. Kai and myself made a spoon, and we had some real hard  time trying to remove the rotten handle from the hatchets. We found two for Kai and one for Levin and will restore them together and fit some new handles to them. 
After that, I made for the hills again and walked home content with a nice day with nice people.  

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