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Donnerstag, 10. März 2011

Some thoroughly enjoyable reading about Gorkha culture

I came across this website some years ago, and it has changed my life a lot. It has given me new perspectives, and the joy of using a Khukhuri myself.

I want to write this in memory of Bill Martino (Uncle Bill) who was a brave man and an old and wise spirit in this world who has contributed to make this world a better place.

Have a look yourself and build your own opinion:

And, remember, thatNepali culture is currently being severely oppressed.


  1. Thanks for that link, Markus, I'll be having a look.. I have now got a couple of old Kukris, and I'll also be looking into getting a working new one.

    The Kukris in themselves are nice, but I find it just as interesting to get into the history and learning of the context into which they evolved.

  2. That´s just the same with me... it´s more than just a tool, and it inspires me in itself. Forged one some years ago, but messed up the tempering. We´ll see...;-)


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