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Donnerstag, 10. März 2011

Some bushy ride with Bastian;-)

Was in the mood, and just called Bastian, less of a moron from our team ;-) if he was in the mood for some plain old ride. That guys a very friendly and laidback type with no problems whatsoever at all and no stranger to some `crafting as well. We met on the other side of the hill and made for the molehill mountains to get in some scenery and some plain old fun. On one of our favourite trails there was a fallen tree blocking it and we thought to have some fun with it. Unfortunately we had not many tools, just our knives, but no loss at all, made a spade by sharpening a length of wood and put some sticks andsome loam on the fallen tree.
That´s a spade, and below the jump we made with it.

and that - hopefully - is the vid of Bastian jumping it. Looks like goof, but wasn´t at all. After having fun with it, we unmounted it again and left it in the state we found it.


  1. Just occurred to my mind... are you aware ,is there loads of cheap BIG hard tail MTB frames in your neighbourhood ?

    Like....for 192cm"long" but short legged guy, 20-21" frame size with a bit longer distance between seat post and fork :) ? My vintage? 22" 1995? Scott Boulder just got stolen,damned.

  2. Hi perkunas, it has been quite some time, and I have been looking for´t. I could offer you a 17" dirt hardtail frame with a 560 mm top tube length for forks with up to 140 mm travel.

    1. For free, for it has a wrecked BB screw (that can be repaired, though). Just pay the postage if you want it.


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