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Sonntag, 6. März 2011

New project: Broken back Hadseax

 This is a broken back Hadseax blade I forged some time ago. It´s made from a 300 layer/120 layer/ four bar damascus out of tank bearing and tank cannon steel by Matthias Zwissler. The tang has an angle to it to compensate for one flaw of the design: The cutting ability on flat surfaces. Have to flatten the convex bevel some and rework the fuller a bit, for I used power tools and did it free hand.
The handle will be either carved reindeer antler or a combination of birchwood burl and reindeer, or even a stag antler handle with a copper ferrule. I am still at it.


  1. Ah, knife blades, my favorite kind of recycling!

  2. Good idea with the slight angle between the tang and the cutting edge of the blade, should make it easier to use the knife. How do you do the fuller? Do you do it on your own or with someone's help?

    As to the recycling, I can't find any canon or tank steel around here...Shame...:-)

  3. @gorges: tanks to ploughshares;-)
    @joel:I ground it with a BlackDecker Power File, since I have yet to do a proper fuller tool, my schedule would be even fuller*hehe.


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