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Donnerstag, 10. März 2011

Some good honest work;-)

From my springtime hike and hug-a-tree endeavour;-) I went to Kai´s. he had some 3 to ;-) of wood to be chopped, a good excuse to bring out the blades and doing some exercise. By the pic you can estimate the dimension of the logs to be chopped. Kai, the absolute madman, did that with a hatchet, for his axe was utter crap. I messed up making a photo of mine, but it was good fun splitting the wood. We had a great time and some mad jokes, and I got myself a piece of birch wood that wants to be a kuksa or a BIG spoon. It was some three hours of muscle burning, and some really quality food and quality time with quality people.

Think we´ll do that again, eh?;-)


  1. Oh my ^^
    We'll do it again..
    there will be much more wood to be chopped in a few weeks!
    And in summer, there will be even more.

  2. And all this with two hand axes;-)....


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