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Mittwoch, 16. März 2011

Getting sweaty and blistered-clearing an allotment

 Two of my best friends are moving to the North and have an allotment they have to give up and asked me if I could clear the fallen apple tree from the garden and fetch the tools for myself. Now this was an opportunity I could not say no to, what with bringing out the edged tools and gertting some quality wood for some other great friends of mine (Hi, Kai! Look foward to Saturday;-)) and myself and the prospect of finding some old tools didn´t hinder my joy also.;-).
 Those are my Gränsfors and homemade hatchet, and a saw I found at the allotment, plus well, what remained of the tree after Fimbulmyrk had one of his (its?) fits...;-)
 Tools I found: Two hatchets for Kai, an old and well-preserved hacksaw, drills, vices, a poker, a hand drill, tool steel, a hook, bronze plate, some 7" nails, some files and lathe heads.
 Three sticks, the top one is apple, the lower ones are rose. I have never worked with rosewood before, but look forward to it a lot!
 If I had the money, I would rent this allotment for sure, everything was blooming and sprouting.

I went home quite finished after some 10 hours of work with a light hatchet, but with a great peace in my mind. It was a great day in silence amidst the spring...

I will return there to chop the smaller branches  and to smell the roses before I have to give the key back. On Saturday, the mad bassssssstard Kai;-) and myself will go and fetch the wood for his parents´home. I´ll keep you informed!;-)


  1. Good score, well worth the effort. Like the look of those axe heads!

  2. Saturday will be the day, the world ends!
    But we're not all for us!
    Levin, the biiiiiggest bastard , will come with us!
    So it'll be a nice day!

  3. @woodsrunnerdiary:sometimes it pays off;-)

    @Kai: ..and they raise their wooden pints....;-)

  4. You got a nice set of tools there Fim.
    Good score on the wood to,its a shame you cannot take the allotment over Bro.

    Im going on Sunday to have a look at one,so hopefully Ill be ables to grow much more vegetables this year.

  5. Please explain what an "allotment" is in your country. Here, the term usually means a regularly scheduled stipend of a certain dollar amount.

  6. Okay, I admit it, I took it over from Sticks and didn´t bother to look it up;-) for he´s a native speaker and I´m not;-) (baaaad excuse, eh?). It appears to me that an allotment is a treaty on a garden or piece of land that you "rent" (although not quite the word, actually) to grow crops and stuff. In that, the sense of the word refers to a regularly scheduled amount of money to rent this piece of garden, usually a building on it has to be bought from the previous owner.

    Does that make sense or did I stack up explaining?

  7. @sticks: You are a lucky man... I am currently thinking of simply caring for the wild places a bit more than a forager would;-)... planting some (ecologically correct) seeds and stuff, in communication with the rangers...

    The wood`s great, I love it, for it is carved easily and has a very beautiful grain. Plus, there are many burly parts, and the grain´s wavering wildly. ;-) Burned some of the lesser sticks and they have a very nice scent to them, too.


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