Mittwoch, 16. März 2011

Getting sweaty and blistered-clearing an allotment

 Two of my best friends are moving to the North and have an allotment they have to give up and asked me if I could clear the fallen apple tree from the garden and fetch the tools for myself. Now this was an opportunity I could not say no to, what with bringing out the edged tools and gertting some quality wood for some other great friends of mine (Hi, Kai! Look foward to Saturday;-)) and myself and the prospect of finding some old tools didn´t hinder my joy also.;-).
 Those are my Gränsfors and homemade hatchet, and a saw I found at the allotment, plus well, what remained of the tree after Fimbulmyrk had one of his (its?) fits...;-)
 Tools I found: Two hatchets for Kai, an old and well-preserved hacksaw, drills, vices, a poker, a hand drill, tool steel, a hook, bronze plate, some 7" nails, some files and lathe heads.
 Three sticks, the top one is apple, the lower ones are rose. I have never worked with rosewood before, but look forward to it a lot!
 If I had the money, I would rent this allotment for sure, everything was blooming and sprouting.

I went home quite finished after some 10 hours of work with a light hatchet, but with a great peace in my mind. It was a great day in silence amidst the spring...

I will return there to chop the smaller branches  and to smell the roses before I have to give the key back. On Saturday, the mad bassssssstard Kai;-) and myself will go and fetch the wood for his parents´home. I´ll keep you informed!;-)

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