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Freitag, 11. März 2011

Another Spring hike

Today the road went ever on and on again;-) and I decided to do some walking into the hills again and to look after my saptappingsystem;-).
The sun was shining, and it was quite warm. Along the creek I went. Birds were singing again, and I saw the sorrel sprouting. I had some and took some with me for salad.
Besides The creek the wild pigs were having an apparently great time turning everything upside down;-)

Woe and alas;-), the lake was still frozen! It is a predam of the larger dam, and quite shadowy, and that might havbe done the trick. And the nights down here are pretty damn cold still. 
Nearing my refuge in the woods. Those are some cliffs I like very much. As a kid, we build shelters and even fortresses and mines into the cliffs. They are still there, and I walked on the traces of my childhood.
Well, that´s an old well;-). I often wonder if there are secrets to be dug out of it, having found many great tools and even two rusty (and non-functional) 98K carbines in the lake, when the dam had to be repaired...;-).
In this tree I saw a pair of bluetits flirting and fluttering around, and singing ever so sweet.
But suddenly, it went all BANG! and two rare animals indeed came crushing down the slope like an avalanche. This blue - tit wanted to flirt with me, but I wouldn´t.;-) It´s Martin, a.ka. enemy, uumm, eminem;-) a moron from our team;-).
Martin, lost in the woods and looking for a line;-).
And Bastian, apparently enjoying himself for smashing my joys of solitude.;-)
Okay, I admit it, at first I was not very amused. But who am I to claim all the woods for myself? Wanted to do some stump-sitting, did that, too, and even had my cuppa, and a chat"on top". Had a funny time with those chaps. Then I made on and even got some solitude in. No harm done, eh?;-) But funny, how you meet people in the middle of nowhere, and how funny one gets when doing too much stump-sitting;-).

Hope you enjoyed the photos!


  1. If you had to share your "solitude", at least it was with friends!

  2. Great looking area.

  3. Enjoyed those photos,thanks for sharing.

  4. Thanks for showing the pictures, those woods look lovely. I am envious of your sunshine too! Can't wait for proper spring and warmth. Not sure about the blue tit, or the orange tit though...:-)

  5. Thanks, folks, for the kind words again... spring is somewhat reluctant still.

    @joel: No need to be envious, no sight of the sap rising or the wild garlic sprouting here, you are farther into spring as we are over here;-)!


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