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Mittwoch, 27. Juli 2011

Wild plum

On Monday I went out foraging and came home with a rucksack full of blackberries, wild apples, sloe and wild plum. They grow like mad, and this wild sort (it has thorns, don´t have a clue what it´s called) tastes sweet and juicy to boot. Great!
I harvested a load of them, as much as I could carry, and there are still tons more on each tree. How great mother nature cares for us! I am very grateful for that and will remember that in winter...

Preparing a pot full for Plum mousse, a local speciality: The recipe will come soon!


  1. Now that's a coincidence...I found a load of plum trees, cycling back from work today and collected a small bag of them (that's all I had to store them) So I am awaiting the recipe with interest!In fact there were 3 differents types: yellow, red likes yours and some very dark red ones too. I'll be back collecting some more.

  2. What a fantastic find, plums are my favourite fruit and I only know a very few wild plum trees near me and they rarely bare fruit!! Great post, I am very jealous!!!!!

  3. Thanks, folks! @Joel: I am interested in hearing how you find my recipe, for I have just made this one for myself and I am a bit mad, as you know...;-)


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