Mittwoch, 7. September 2011

An gobhán Dhú - some twisted poetry again...

Flickering flames
Were aburning down
I left the pyre of my death.
And in my lungs
That were no more
Still did I feel 
My last solemn breath.

With sails out of moonlight,
A rover out of frozen dreams,
To a silver coast I came;
And I trod a shore of diamonds
I walked a crystal path.

Across the void of pain I walked
Saw glaciers out of frozen tears.
I saw the sun go down upon
Black mountains out of fear.
And across the ringing void,
I heard a twinkling song;
A ringing, singing song I heard
Of hammer upon anvil.

I saw the hammerhand
Forge the steel,
I saw the hammerhand,
Now I will never kneel.
And thus I found my sword
At the brim of darkness,
At the edge of the void.

One sword of light,
One blade so dark,

Which path to take?

Note: I wrote this some nine years ago.

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