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Donnerstag, 1. September 2011

So, this is the superior culture of the white man.Lost for words.

I daresay I do not need to say many words to this. Everyone is whining and complaining about being poor and not having enough money to live.


There was a cheese sandwich in the paper bag with maybe two chunks missing, a half-eaten morsel, and a whole apple. You could live on this much for two days.

Disposed. Of. 

Everywhere else in the world there are people dying of hunger. How can we still look into the mirror? How do we DARE to claim superiority over indigenous people? 


  1. I understand your being upset; done for no reason, such waste is deplorable. But, perhaps the person who threw the sandwich away was sickly and lost his appetite. Maybe some bully threw a smaller kid's apple in the trash. While those scenarios probably aren't true, you just never know.

  2. I have often thought the same about the amount of vegie scraps we throw out, but the fact is there is no way for us to get this food to the people who need it. So it goes to our chooks, or into the compost pile to help the garden grow more vegies.
    Frankly I think we need to do more than give people food, we need to give them the ability to grow their own food.
    But yes, I know how you feel.

  3. I am a bit over the top at the moment. (At the moment?;-)) But I see hungry eyes every time I pass the railway station. Now, many of those "bums" might be responsible for their own situation, but they are hungry nonetheless. It´s not that far from that bin to the next hungry person. But what upsets me most is the following scenario:

    The bus was coming. It is not allowed to eat in buses over here. Two persons, supposedly of younger age, had a snack, when the bus arrived, so they disposed of it. The apple was smeared with smashed egg. Another person bought some apples, some eggs and maybe some other things in the grocery store on the other side of the road. The eggs cracked, and he / she was disgusted by them smeared on the side of the apple. So he - she disposed of it. The apple was whole and not rotten.

    One could simply have washed it. Or folded the morsel and the sandwich in their paper bags to put in the fridge. It´s the futility of a fruit growing a full season, taken out of the circle of life (and no, no seed will sprout in a bin;-)). Cheese and bread being grown for nothing, and under circumstances that strongly compromises our ecosystem. And our fellow humans, too.

    And wasted.


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