Dienstag, 20. September 2011

*φoutanjā-lugra-moros! Progress on my Kopis

 Today I had a rare day competely off, and I worked on my Kopis knife. Here´s a shot of the work in progress.First I did the lineout with a v-shaped wood chisel. Did the contours first and worked from the outside to the inside. Be sure to "charpen your chisel":-) frequently! It was a funny sight but did not surprise me any, that the chisel made perfectly spiral - shaped shavings. Just a coincidence, of course, but nice indeed:-). I worked the transitions by sanding and checking and cutting the knot with a small mini locksmith´s file.
 Then it was the spirals, and some sanding. I will now clean up the incisions, and then it will be a reindeer or stag antler/silver/leather sheath. And I will write the Ogham-inspired poem the knife itself gave to me:-)

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