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Freitag, 16. September 2011

At the Bethaus smithy again... forging Titanium.

 I thought I´d make a "golden sickle" for my favourite druidess:-), since I just plain wanted to. (There a problem?:-)) And since gold is not abundant at my home, and way too soft, and I did not care for bronze, I opted for titanium I had lying around. In fact, this formerly was a knife I made as a kid, which will get the job done better than some plain piece of steel. Titanium has advantages, for it´s antiseptic, gives no taste to the herbs, and holds an edge fairly well. It always surprises me how well, provided it only hardens to about 45 HRC at the max. But the titanium oxide that builds on the edge by forging can reach a surface hardness up to 75 degrees Rockwell.
Titanium has disadvantages, too. It is a bastard to work with, holds no temperature and cracks when forged like a rotten piece of wood... if you make one single mistake, that is.
 So, I am proud I managed... funny scroll at the end, too.*gggg
 Also made this Kopis with a leaf - in - leaf handle. Spring steel. Can get better, still, looks a bit battered;-).
 And this licce EDC from laminate steel from Matthias Zwissler. Wrought iron, and tank bearing steel.
 Detail on the blades...
 Up close...
This is a knife Volker made only but recently. Dude´s getting better, too! If only he would use some decent steel. This one is MILD STEEL again. Doh!:-)

Rode home by bike, and was singing all along. I can tell you, I got some funny looks*g!


  1. Rate mal an was ich heute den ganzen Tag über gedacht hab und mich dabei gewundert habe, warum ich dran denken muss *ggg*

    Good Gods, I'm lost for words. And it sounds and looks sooo much better than gold ever could do :D
    You really leave me speachless with this piece of art and craftsmanship!!

  2. Wait until you´ve seen it... it´s not that good. It´s a first try after all:-) but thanks for your kind words and appreciation. I thrive on them, and: You challenge me having a go at gold*gggg*. But then I´d take a slice of the sun to forge a torque for you:-). Dementia Druigeniti, making a complete fool of myself in front of the world:-) and damn does it feel good!*ggg*

    Irgendwie musste ich das tun. :-)Ich weiss auch nicht, aber ich bin irgendwie einfach zur Schmiede gefahren. Volker hat etwas sparsam geguckt, als ich aufkreuzte, am Freitag und alles...:-) Aber Volker ist ein netter Mensch, der weiss, dass es manchmal so Sachen gibt...

    Eigentlich wollte ich Damast machen(versuchen!), hab aber dann in meinem Keller das Stück Titan (Messer war etwas viel gesagt) in die Hand genommen. Es war eine tolle Erfahrung, und ich werde jetzt häufiger Titan verarbeiten. Es riecht wie Weihrauch, wenn es heiß wird. Wenn man es schleift, sprüht es gleißendweiße Funken. Und es wirkt weich und läßt sich auch nicht härten, aber versuch mal, daran zu schleifen! Hat drei Flexscheiben zerstört. Hat mich an Dich denken lassen, denn ich glaube, dass Du ähnlich bist, und so ist es noch mehr Deine Sichel geworden.

  3. Sun seems to me a bit hot, it always does leave those ugly marks on the skin *ggg*

    But again...there's this blushing problem ;)
    But hey, that could help to become completely invisible in autumn coloured woodland *g*

  4. Moon silver, then.*ggg* Would be cooler and gentler, too. And would suit you, too. Blush as much as you like, I like that:-) it´s a hint that my compliments are appreciated:-). (und sie sind sogar auch noch ernst gemeint:-)).

    Completely invisible in the autumn coloured wood...*hehe, your time of year, eh?:-)

  5. sure they work *g*

    It was some years ago, when some friends and I were heading for a medieval fair located round a castle in the middle of some great woodland. I sepped aside only a few metres, as I found some useful things there, can't remember what that was. Suddenly a friend screamed "whaaaaa, where did she go?" So, it seems, it works. Even without some magic spell *g*

  6. I can relate to sepping aside, I´ve been a "Sepp" all my life*ggg*...

    Rainbow camouflage, it seems...*ggg*part of the bridge, for sure... do you know there´s an elf glade at your end?:-)

    No hiding from a Myrk, though:-).

  7. :P I can't efford to hit all those keys frequently *g*
    The elf glade must be up at the head end...
    And the other end seems more the Irish way, ending in a pot of gold *ggg*
    Ah, that's why my feet tend to be so cold sometimes...darn gold. Hahaaaa, that makes sense, 'Gold' is a kind of lenated form of 'Cold' then :D

  8. At mine ´s a cold pot all the time*ggg* but that´s what funny socks are for after all, are they?*ggg* It might also be that gold is just a form of *kalu, *gulino or *golino *g*...
    Don´t care much about gold, though*g:

    Gold is for the mistress
    Silver for the maid,
    Copper for the craftsman,
    Cunning in his trade
    Good, said the baron,
    Sitting in the hall,

    Iron, cold iron,
    Is master of them all

    (Rudyard Kipling)

  9. I´ll take the elf glade, then*ggg*.


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