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Donnerstag, 8. September 2011

Salted `shrooms

I dried and salted a redcap and a boletus I found on my way. Slice them in fine slices, and sprinkle salt over them liberally. Frequently turn them over, until they are nice and dry. They can be used as a spice in soup. The salt serves to pronounce the mushroom taste more strongly and as a conservation to prevent them getting mouldy.

Store in a musseline bag!


  1. Found your excellent blog via 'Gorge's Grouse', hope you don't mind if I tag along a while?
    Regards from Wales,

  2. Interesting idea; I'd never heard of it!

  3. @murphyfish: You are welcome;-), hope you don´t mind if I am a bit crazy at times*g...funny you´re asking, I am not one for throwing anyone out... except if he / she makes a complete mess of the manners known to man*g....

    @gorges: It just came to me, and I think I might´ve once heard my grandma talking about that, but, I am not sure... anyway, it actually works, and that´s a start, if you ask me;-).


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