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Mittwoch, 14. September 2011

Sketch for Lugra-Moros-handle

 I just drawed the carving outlines on the handle of "Lugra-Moros" (moon-mare), first in pencil, then in pen.


  1. This is going to be really beautiful! No, it IS beautiful, get's even better *g*
    There's a freaky vision of a sheath in my mind, with a triquetta embracing a mother of pearl-inlet...

  2. Another reason to just smile*g...(SIE HAT ES SCHON WIEDER GETAN!!!!!*gggggggggggggg)

    Fancy a knife blade and every handle material I have to choose from?:-)I will trade for a smile of yours and a dream and a silent song on your favourite hill...:-)

    That´s quite ambitious for me, for I have never worked with mother-of-pearl, and it´s a very fragile material. I thought it made of Mammoth ivory...:-)although it was mother of blue mussel*g I thought of beforehand, for this I still have lying around. I only dismissed it for my lack of ability and to promote durability of the knife.:-)

  3. Oh my dear, that's far too precious for a simple smile and a tune whisteled to the wind ;))

    I also thought of abalone shell with it's moon-like blue shimmering colour...once found a broken one on an ancient burial ground in the middle of nowhere. Seems, someone has left it there as it was broken after using for burning incense. A lovely sign of other weird people doing weird things ;)

  4. Nothing is too precious for a smile and a tune from a kindred heart. Make me a sketch for the blade´s shape, and I´ll do it. No damascus maybe (If I have some to spare, it will be:-)), but serviceable. Nothing is too precious for someone who sent me a light and a kind thought when all light went out. I pay my debts, when I can.

    I also love Abalone quite a lot. But for a knife that will not only serve as the key to open the gates, but for preparing firewood, harvesting herbs and ´shrooms, woodworking, and batoning, Abalone and mother-of-pearl (and blue mussels too:-)) is just a bit too fragile. And that is a tale I´d love to hear completely... will trade for one of mine?*g


Now go on, discuss and rant and push my ego;-). As long as it´s a respectful message, every comment is welcome!

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