Donnerstag, 16. März 2017

Cheese Bannock with wild herbs, olives, carrots and potatoes

Yet another bannock recipe... I really like Bannock, because it´s just so versatile... and the cost for this delicious dish is under 1 €, it is nourishing and does you good.

I took:

7 tablespoons wheat flour
1 teaspoon soda
1 teaspoon curcuma
1 teaspoon jeera
1 teaspoon fenugreek
1 handful nettle seeds
1 tablespoon lesser celandine, finely chopped
1 tablespoon lungwort
a slice of Gouda, one finger thick, finely rasped
two slices of gouda, ca. 1 cm thick per cake
1 teaspoon pepper
1 handful of green olives, finely chopped
2 medium-sized peeled raw potatoes, finely rasped
1 small onion, finely rasped
1 piece of garlic, finely rasped,
1 big carrot, peeled and finely rasped
salt to your liking
Sunflower oil for frying

Mix flour, soda, potatoes, carrot, onion, olives, garlic and rasped Gouda with the spices and herbs. Season with salt to your liking. Mix with water until you have a thick, but even dough. In the meantime, heat an iron pan. Add oil generously, until sizzling hot. With a spoon make cakes and fry swimming in oil at medium temperature from one side. While doing so, add the gouda slices and smear uncooked dough over them until covered. Turn the cake and fry the other side, too, until golden brown.


You can also prepare them and just warm them by the fireside.

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