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Samstag, 17. September 2011

Esbit coffee maker

 So, done with funny, and back to business:-), here come some baaaaad pics I will substitute to decent ones as soon as I got my camera repaired, it´s out of focus...just like daddy*ggg*one might say...That´s the pot all stashed together...
 All those tiny little parts neatly fit together. Clockwise: Lid, filter tube, stove, little bag contains a heating module for Esbit trademark fuel, water bowl, seal, filter, lid, filter tube, stove, little bag... erm, that´s the second round, is it? Anyway, you put coffee in the filter bowl, put one mug of water inside the water bowl, place seal and filter on, set on the stove...
as shown here, put the fuel into the module, (burning:-)), put a mug under the snout, and voilá,

hot brew in the middle of nowhere. Works fine, I heard say, with Espresso, too, I´ll keep you informed!


  1. That looks like a neat little gadget. I like that :-)...just looked it up : £35 plus post...tempting...:-)

  2. That looks like a great little coffee set Markus,nice score.

  3. So, if the next postings will be written in capitals only, we will know that it works too good with espresso ;) Fab little thingy :D

  4. @joel: It´s about 29€ over here....I could not resist, either. ´s been some time, though:-) and I have yet to try it. I was simply tiring of taking the Trangia for an afternoon walk:-) was a bit overgunned always...:-)
    @sticks65: Yap, it´s a great piece. And I daresay you can simply leave the lid off and make some tea from what ever´s at hand or even a ramen noodle soup in no time (with what ever´s at hand*g in it). Not too big a meal, though, it´s just one Kuksa full:-).
    Kidding aside, I still have to try it... guess I will soon. Maybe on a hill overlooking the Lahn*dümmlichgrien*ggg*. I have heard say that there are few better places to enjoy a cuppa:-).

  5. Very neat, I've never seen one of those before!

  6. They are relatively new, just fresh from the expo, as my fav outdoor shop keeper informed me:-).


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