Samstag, 17. September 2011

Esbit coffee maker

 So, done with funny, and back to business:-), here come some baaaaad pics I will substitute to decent ones as soon as I got my camera repaired, it´s out of focus...just like daddy*ggg*one might say...That´s the pot all stashed together...
 All those tiny little parts neatly fit together. Clockwise: Lid, filter tube, stove, little bag contains a heating module for Esbit trademark fuel, water bowl, seal, filter, lid, filter tube, stove, little bag... erm, that´s the second round, is it? Anyway, you put coffee in the filter bowl, put one mug of water inside the water bowl, place seal and filter on, set on the stove...
as shown here, put the fuel into the module, (burning:-)), put a mug under the snout, and voilá,

hot brew in the middle of nowhere. Works fine, I heard say, with Espresso, too, I´ll keep you informed!

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