Donnerstag, 8. September 2011

A city marketing project for a better world:Clever Mobil in Schwelm

This is a project at work I am proud of to partake in.
We are currently promoting means of alternative transport in Schwelm, the site of my employer, and that includes E-mobility, and bicycle commuting infrastructure.

In coalition with the local energy provider  stores and shops and cafés we offer a service for e-bike and pedelec users to charge the batteries of their mount while shopping or just having a cuppa coffee. The real clincher is that this is done with certified  energy from completely renewable and ecologically sensible sources (wind, water, sun)!
Currently there are roundabout 13 partners applying for a box like the above. You can easily store your battery module, a helmet and some other gear in it, too, and the electric devices are serviced by a local electrotechnician.

In my opinion, this might as well be a step into the right direction, and I am glad not having to rant about an insane society, but actually being able to change something. It´s our world, and our habitat, after all, and we are on the verge of ruining it. It is comforting to see the problem is recognized, and pedelcs and ebikes and even electric cars are a booming business currently. This doesn´t change a bit in itself, if the energy used comes from coal or even nuclear power. But our local energy provider seems to have sensible ideas about that, too, and offers certified electricity at a slightly higher price, which is greatly appreciated by many households and industrial customers, too.

This makes me happy.

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